Could an apprentice help your business?

Changing times

Recently apprentice programmes have become an increasingly popular way for young people to train in a trade. In addition to gaining an understanding of the tools and skills necessary for their chosen career, they receive a wage in order to support them along the way.

This sounds great for apprentices’ but what has it got to do with your business?

The recruitment process and management can be tedious, for example; when should you employ someone, do they have the right skills and how can you be sure you have made the right choice?

The rising shortage in skilled labourers within the UK is resulting in companies being encouraged to recruit apprentices and now Government subsidised apprenticeship grants, actually pay businesses to train young people on the job, so it is beneficial to you, your business and your apprentice!

Why choose an apprenticeship?

There is now constant support for the training side too as apprentice management falls partly to the responsibility of the learning assistant. Again government supported, this learning assistant can be a member of your existing staff. Their role is to help develop the apprentice, and support individual learning, based on your company goals.

Aside from financial benefits, major apprentice recruitment companies have cited various advantages of participating in apprenticeship programmes. Below are the top reasons why;

Apprenticeships save your company money

The days of an apprentice lurking in the background as a delinquent figure are gone! At JTM, we recruit apprentices who demonstrate a passion for their chosen career. As an employer, you get the choice of apprentices’ that you need. Ensuring you get a dedicated employee at a fraction of the cost. Apprentices of today are motivated, skilled and are keen to learn and work in their chosen career path.

Apprenticeships help develop your business

Investing in people is investing in your business. Training an employee up from scratch effectively builds your team for the future. Supplementary to the skills you equip them with, apprentices are given quality training at an approved centre. Once they qualify, around two thirds of apprentices stay with their employer, bringing the exact skills you wish to your workplace/business.

Apprentices bring new skills

Having recently left school, apprentices are still young and fresh. They have been trained to think innovatively at school, and are not afraid to make suggestions. Whilst eager to listen and learn, apprentices have valuable ideas on how to improve and can increase productivity in your workplace.

At JTM, we recruit apprentices, across Liverpool in a variety of industries. If you take the future of your business seriously, then why why not give us a call?

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(Not) Nice weather for Robins

This weather’s been so crazy lately! Sinkholes have appeared in Yorkshire and Cheltenham Town’s games have been postponed due to too much water on the pitch. With seemingly relentless rain on the cards over much of the weekend, we’re hoping the Town Council will spend its cheque wisely: on flood defences. Cheltenham results currently indicate no  severe weather warnings, but will this run  of luck last until the Cheltenham Races begin in just 3 weeks time?

For Cheltenham, the year kicked off with some flooding into the flood alleviation basin, and the widespread weather chaos of late hasn’t helped things within the town. There has been some speculation as to what impact the water will have on the Cheltenham races, since although the weather has let up somewhat, flood risks still remain.

Horse racing tips, of course, suggest that the preferable weather conditions are not too wet or hot. A horse needs to be hydrated to stay focused: the same as we humans. However, a heavy or muddy track can cause the horse to bear in or even bolt off altogether. Often this results in injuries to the horse, and sometimes the jockey too.

Some consider the Cheltenham Festival the true highlight of horse racing season, which characterises the magnificence of Jump racing. It’s regarded as an exciting occasion as the finest horses, jockeys, owners and trainers battle it out for the highest horse racing results. With over £3.8 million of prize money at stake, it’s a serious race, which will not benefit from slippery conditions. As a popular attraction for tourists and visitors to the town, a wet festival will leave a less than jolly impression.

With any luck, this weather with ebb away and leave the racing fields some time to heal and dry, over the coming weeks. With a dedicated team doing their very best for the horses and all concerned, combined with a bit of positive thinking, we’ll have  a races to remember this year, and the weather will hold out nicely.


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Robins get me retweeting

Sacking by text

Less than a full year after being appointed as manager of Blackpool, Paul Ince was  famously given his marching orders by text message, last month. Amid this, news about in-fighting at Forest, via twitter reached fever pitch. This led to many people speculating on the use of social media and text messaging within football.

Free football tips

It’s fair to say most teams use their twitter accounts to influence football tips by purporting rumours. This essentially boils down to their pride and the love for their team, rather than genuine football predictions. But it’s standard use of social media, and since many of them do it, it’s pretty harmless. However, making career changing decisions via a medium wherein someone can only use 140 characters seems totally unjust usage of social media.

Future of rioting?

Some football experts even speculated that the abuse shown across twitter was tantamount to a modern day rioting. Cyberbullying is taken seriously in today’s society, and thankfully instances of ‘bitchy’ messages, as yet have not resulted in any convictions, but it could happen.

Positive causes

This is why, reading the Cheltenham Town FC’s twitter page today has been such a refreshing change. Firstly, they are offering students £1 entry to their match against Bury on March the 1st, and using their twitter to promote it. Sure, their motivation may be to secure football betting tips in their favour and increase fan morale, but getting something for nothing is rare these days and should not be scoffed at!

Secondly, their youth manager, Pete Haynes has used the site to promote news from his blog about the work he is doing in Rwanda.

The Football Futures Changing Lives Programme was started in order to develop the coaching and leadership skills of those in other countries, focusing on football as a catalyst for development. The agenda for 2014, ambitiously hopes to deliver a Leadership programme to 20 developing coaches in Rwanda. Also they will deliver a new, updated course to the 20 young coaches from last year. As a result, Haynes’ blogs sets out to keep fans posted on the progress of the programme as it develops and builds on the foundations set last year.

In the midst of so much self-promotion, sniping and cop-outs, it’s really great to see a team using their social media for a positive cause.

Robins: We salute use

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Hurghada: A different view of Egypt

Egypt has taken a bit of a battering from the media recently and the events of the last few days are no exception. Actually, most of Egypt is completely safe. Unfortunately, the media have painted a picture of what is in reality just a few specific areas. Even Tahrir Square ; the site of previous demonstrations, is a diminutive part of Cairo: a city with a total population of over 18 million.

On the Red Sea Riviera sits Hurghada where the weather is glorious all year round and you can watch the sun mellow into an ever-changing blaze of neon on the skyline from the comfort of your own balcony. The third largest city in Egypt, its tranquil beaches and incredible diving spots are a world away from more troubled areas.

Hurghada was hardly more than a sleepy fishing village until about 15 years ago, but has been transformed by foreign investment to a fun-loving scuba central. That said a walking through Hurghada’s own national park at Al-Mahmeya, you can still find areas of total peace and relaxation; calling its distant history to mind.

Wandering the streets of El Dahar; Hurghada’s downtown old city, a flavour of its Bedouin past fills the air with bright, cultural street festivals happening a various parts of the year. Again, steeped in history: the modern, more urban  Bedouins participate and try to engage visitors to teach them of the various Bedouin traditions. Mostly these are poetry recitals and traditional sword dances, which transport you to another time and are stunning to witness. Some classes teach traditional tent knitting and playing customary Bedouin musical instruments. Traditions such as camel riding and camping in the deserts can also be arranged on tours, expeditioning a little out of the city.

Many of the area’s resort apartments, such as those at Tiba Nouria offer incredible adventure opportunities, ATMs and swimming pools within the complex. These areas are communities within themselves; offering security and comfort at extremely reasonable prices. Looking for cheap property in Hurghada? Some apartments in this area can be as little as an amazing £6,500 for a small studio – but large enough to sleep in and keep as a base for all your stuff, in-between scuba diving and hitting the nightlife.

With its own airport and excellent transport links, the whole Hurghada area is comparable to a smaller, fresher Sharm-El-Sheikh; with a community feel and so much to offer. It’s also one of the cheapest areas out there for property in Egypt.

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SEO Keywords: A Quick Guide

Search engine optimisation is all about keywords. They are possibly the most important aspect of online marketing, and yet you probably use them every day without even thinking about it. Every time you look for something in Google, the terms you choose to search with are the keywords.

This is clearly important for advertising your business – the better your wording, the more people will find your website. So, how can you go about choosing the best keywords for SEO?

Focus on what makes you unique

You might be a graphic designer, for example, but there are plenty of those about. No matter how good you are, choosing ‘graphic designer’ as a key phrase will not be helpful to your SEO. However, ‘graphic designer Liverpool’ narrows down the field – now you can attract people looking for your services in the correct area.

Repeat – but make sense

Once you’ve identified the best keywords for your site, you can use them to write copy and content to SEO standards. However, remember that it must also be entertaining and engaging to read. A piece which obviously tries to manipulate the reader into buying your product is sure to backfire, and saturating a page with keywords can actually harm your SEO ratings.


Customer habits can change, and new upcoming businesses may alter the way you need to market yours. Therefore, it is important that you keep ahead of the game by monitoring your SEO rating and altering keywords as appropriate. This is where hiring a specialist company like Optimia is handy, as such work can be time consuming.

With proper attention paid to keywords for search engine optimisation, your website is sure to be on the first page for Google and bring in the customers you deserve.

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Agent predicts property price rises in Marbella

There are predictions by at least one agent that property prices in Marbella could rise in 2013 suggesting buyers should act sooner rather than later to avoid the increases.

As well as the well healed rich and famous Marbella is also attracting the savvy hard-nosed investor looking for a bargain. Sales are reportedly up on 2011 and even “off plan” is starting to re-emerge for the first time in years.

It would appear that the only ones who are reducing prices are those who desperately need a quick sale or banks and developers needing to clear their books of stock which perhaps in some instances are those properties nobody wants.
On the other side of the coin a developer of a first class golf resort near Marbella will be increasing his prices by 8% in January 2013. Of the 267 units available there remain only 25 units and all were sold at 40% below their peak prices.

For those who are able to move quickly you can still buy new build properties and benefit from a 50% discount on the IVA (Spanish equivalent of VAT). Present Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is predicted to change things and raise VAT to 10% which cannot be seen as a positive to an already fragile Spanish property market. From a buyers point of view this would mean a property purchased for 250,000 euros would add an extra 15,000 euros to the closing costs.

Marbella has always been a firm favourite with the Brits but it is also very popular with the Scandinavians, Russians, Dutch and Belgians as they now see the “now or never” opportunity that they are faced with in buying property in Marbella at this massively discounted prices.

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The National Apprenticeship program

The national apprenticeship program is encouraging Companies and employers to organise activities and leadership and management programs under other schemes such as “Great apprenticeships” and others in order to show that Apprenticeship programs are good for businesses and for some other individual careers. Also it can be good for the UK in other aspects such as the unemployment levels will go down, as after the Apprenticeship program finishes, there will be a full time job at the end of it if the employer feels that the student is good at the job needed. Also it gives the student training management to do the job in the future if they do not get a job with the apprentice program employer as they have knowledge in the trade.

Furthermore the National apprenticeship week is in its seventh year and it is now celebrating apprenticeships and how well they have worked and the positive impact that they have done for the individuals in the program and the businesses in the apprenticeship program and also the wider community. Some examples of how employers can support the week include:

Arranging for a member of management and an apprentice to take part in a job swap;
Hosting a “Made by apprentices” open day to showcase the work of apprentices to others;
Tweeting pictures of products that have been made by apprentices;
Use the “pledgeometer”, new for 2014, to pledge apprentice job vacancies in the run to, and during the week.
Karen Woodward, interim national Director of apprenticeships at the National Apprenticeship Service, said: “National Apprenticeship Week is a fantastic opportunity to shine the spotlight on Apprenticeships and how they help employers grow their own talent and provide a great opportunity for apprentices to earn while they learn.”

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Should you buy property in turkey?

Turkey is an Beautiful country to Buy Property abroad. Many people move to get a feel for foreign couture, and to experience the sunny Weather that you get for 300 days of the year. Also the famous yachtsmen that you will see if you are near the sea, the other reasons that make turkey a Foreign real estate goldmine, is the 8000 kilometres of luxurious coastline which can be a great place to explore, or to do sports such as river rafting, scuba diving and sea kayaking as these are all found in turkey . Also you can’t go wrong with the views in turkey as you can also view these in hot air balloon and if you are more a thriller you can go paragliding.

All of the above things are great for tourists and families looking for a great place to relax for their future, and also there is Cheap property in Turkey that makes it a great place to move to, also it will be good as a future investment when you Buy Property abroad As the property market is going up and is only getting better as it is a property hotspot. There are many Trustworthy overseas property agents that will help you with any questions of being abroad.

Furthermore it is becoming a grate tourist attraction as the many attractions are drawing people to go and have holidays there, which means you can turn your cheap property in turkey into a possible business as a hotel or holiday inn, this will also mean you get a even better investment with your property in other countries.

With all this in mind turkey is a great place to settle down or have fun with the many attractions, or it can be a great place to make a investment in a property that you may want to sell in the future as it Buying Property Abroad is getting popular or also to start a business that will pay for the property abroad in the long term.

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Manchester City are closing in on the Premier League Title

After Liverpool’s capitulations in Monday night’s game against Crystal Palace the title is edging closer to Manchester.

Tonight sees Aston Villa visit the Etihad Stadium and after beating City earlier this season the mancunians should take nothing for granted. City have the opportunity to taking a big step towards securing their second premier league title on 3 year and manager Pellegrino is keeping calm about his sides changes with his usual low key laid back stance to questions from journalists at his latest press conference.

Manchester City will be the clear bookies favourites for tonight’s match as well as lifting this year’s title. City have an added incentive in that if they score four goals or more they overtake Liverpool in total goals scored for the season as well as going top of the league.

Whatever happens tonight nothing will be decided and it will all go to the last game of the season where City place West Ham and Liverpool welcome the Newcastle United to Anfied.

The premier league is once again living up to its billing as the most exciting footballing tournament on the planet.

Manchester City are odd to win the title have been slashed at just 1/12 with Liverpool drifting out to 9/1 and Chelsea now 200/1. Whether visiting the bookies in the high street or having an online bet there is plenty of choice on offer for punters right now.

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